Locations and Capabilities

Fresh Water: combined the two farms own 11 hatcheries and fresh water operations in the Southernmost regions of Chile (between Regions IX, X and XI).

Sea Water: our farms are among the largest in number of growth-out licenses in Chile (combined we own roughly 80 licenses), distributed between Regions X and XI.

Processing Plants: we have the luxury of having two of the most modern and state of the art processing plants in Chile. Both plants are located in Quellon, which is in the south of Chiloe Island, X Region.

Sales: from its office and warehouse in Miami, Florida, Patagonia SeaFarms is able to get anywhere in North America with the highest quality salmon. Founded on a wealth of experience in the salmon industry (our staff have been in the industry on average for over a decade) we strive to be recognized by our knowledge, honesty and customer oriented approach.